Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prayer before meals.

Growing up Catholic, we would always have someone lead a prayer before a big family gathering meal.  This occurred maybe 3 times a year at best or whenever a priest came to visit.  I understood this as more of a thanks for everyone being able to gather together for this meal.  As I find out in the bible now that I study it, there are only a few instances where Christ gives thanks, and that's in Matthew 14:19 after feeding 5000, Matthew 15:36 after feeding 4000, and Matthew 26:27 when he gathered with his disciples.

I notice now how diligently Christians pray before meals and how this came to be.  I have yet to begin this habit, for I feel like I would be doing it out of pressure instead of out of true gratitude.  If I truly felt gratitude for every single meal I ate, I would feel the same gratitude for every car drive I take, and for every time I enjoy watching the television, or every time I see my parents.  If I felt the truly ungrateful for eating without a prayer, I find that I would feel equally ungrateful for most events of my day.  What sets food apart?  Does a small snack count?  Does the number of Christians gathered together at that meal count? 

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