Monday, April 11, 2011

Are we any different than Westboro Baptist Church?

It's very easy to slam Westboro.  Their methods are extreme, but what exactly are they doing wrong?  It is understandable that their position on God's views on homosexuals is wrong when they state that God hates gays.  This is not true. 
What I do wonder is if their picketing of funerals for gays is wrong.  Is sending a message to those at the funeral and to the world that homosexuality is bad, incorrect?  Is this something God would look down upon?  Is it because we are imposing our judgment on others?  Is it because we are casting stones at others before looking at ourselves?  Is it the emotional damage that we are delivering on others by doing these pickets that is seen as wrong?
That brings me to gay marriage.  How is voting against gay marriage any different?  You are putting your judgment on others.  You are emotionally damaging those who want to live a normal life with the person they love.  You are casting stones at their sins without looking at your own.

I have voted for the rights of gays to get married.  By my religion I don't condone it, but I will not fight it.  I believe that if a Christian does not support gay marriage, they don't have to vote for it, but a vote against it is no different than picking up that stone.  Just walk away.

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