Friday, February 11, 2011


A heavy subject to start with, but one that is very important to me as far as starting this journey.

I loved dinosaurs growing up.  I had all the science books explaining their coming and walking on this earth.  I was 12 when Jurassic Park came out, and that made me love them even more.

I never faced any contradiction to what I knew about dinosaurs until I hit high school and I was enrolled in a biology class.  I was surprised to hear that the teacher had to explain that what he was teaching does not have to be supported by everyone, but answer the questions as they are taught even if you don't support the theory.

Never had I heard such things coming out of a classroom.  This is what prompted me to start looking into this first.  Let's start with Christian belief before going into the bible passages.  What I understand is that Christians support micro-evolution, or adaptation.  This explains things like different breeds of dogs, or different looking humans.  Macro-evolution is not supported, which is saying one species can evolve into another.  I guess to me, who is to say what is the spectrum of a species?  Science has elaborate family trees per species explaining each ones' origin.  Yes, a dog will never turn into a kangaroo, and they didn't share the same origin, but something as distinctly different as kangaroos and koalas do.  Diprotodonts are a class of animals that share some of the same traits, and from their country of habitat to their methods or raising young, you can see similarities in 2 creatures that are vastly, visually, different.

Now onto the bible.  It is easy for me to accept Jesus and turn a blind eye to what I feel contradicts logic, but if believing that the bible holds the answers to everything, there should be no disconnect between the miracle of harmony in nature brought by science, and the world of the Lord.  Let's start with bible biology.  Leviticus 11:20-23 talks about 4 legged abominations which is presumed to be insects.  Most of us know that insects have more than 4 legs, so what can we understand from what is written here?  There are many similar errors throughout the bible.  Are we to assume that there are logical errors to bible biology?

What I find already is that there are many errors that Christians and non Christians alike can agree on in the bible.  The problem with evolution, is that it would call out large sections of the bible as errors.  This would be throwing out completely the story of Adam and Eve, and  Nephilim giants walked the earth with humans is false.  What can I support at this time?  Should I turn a blind eye for now?  We'll revisit this topic again later.

For now, the best Christian theory I've heard is the "trees in the garden of Eden theory."  As far fetched as this might sound, it's the closest theory I've heard that doesn't go completely against science.  What is theorized is that if you cut down a tree in the garden of Eden, it will have age rings just like any other tree, dating back to its time of origin.  With that said, it's as if God made a time before time's beginning.

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