Friday, February 11, 2011


On a recent visit to the church, the pastor had a short talk on tattoos.  This is an interesting subject to me, because it spans the overall idea of what messages are to be taken as part of that time period and culture, and what are universal messages?  According to a friend, different churches have different views on tattoos.  I myself, coming from a Catholic background, always saw tattoos as taboo, but without fully understanding why.  Now I believe I don't get tattoos because of fear of commitment.  :)

What I understand is that having tattoos are not bad, the bad part is the message you are portraying of yourself to society.  Tattoos were deemed bad in Leviticus 19:28 but nowhere in the New Testament.  As tattoos become more and more mainstream, how different is it in the end than wearing fancy clothes?  Can we deem one worse than another when both are not done in the glory of God?  It is hard to imagine everyone living strictly by the word, and if so, they would have a very puritan lifestyle.  A lot of this can be spanned into multiple conversations, even things like watching movies.  Again, we can revisit this in another post.

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